Michigan weekend weather: 24 hours of rain showers you’ll have to dodge

A meteorologist in the form of a multi-state storm system will pass through the Great Lakes region on Saturday evening and Sunday. Our weekend weather will revolve around this storm system.

In short, Saturdays are dry for most of us. Saturday night and Sunday are wet for all of us.

If you want to do something outside this weekend, Saturday is your day.

The rain will come from the southwest. Rain will have swept through the state by sunrise on Sunday. Below is a series of forecast maps to give you an idea of ​​the widespread nature of precipitation.

The 1 p.m. surface weather map on Saturday, November 14 shows that dry weather persists, with the exception of extreme southwestern Lower Michigan.

7 p.m. Sat

The surface weather forecast at 7 p.m. Saturday shows the storm system is approaching Michigan and even moving southwest into Lower Michigan.

7 am

The surface weather forecast at 7 a.m. Sunday indicates that we will all be wet with occasional showers.

13h.  Sun

The surface weather forecast for 1 p.m. Sunday is rainy. Rain will turn to snow in western UP

7 p.m. sun

The surface weather forecast at 7 p.m. Sunday indicates that rain showers still cover parts of Lower Michigan. The cold air will change some rains to snow showers.

By Sunday evening, temperatures will be cold enough for snow to mix with rain over northwestern Lower Michigan.

On Saturday morning it will be quite cold and below zero in Michigan.

sit low

Low temperature forecast for Saturday November 14, 2020

While it will be dry on Saturday afternoon, you will need a coat. Temperatures will not warm up until the 1940s.

sitting highs

High temperature forecast for Saturday November 14, 2020

Sunday’s low temperature forecast is a bit misleading, as the coldest temperatures will likely occur in the afternoon. Dropping temperatures on a strong northwesterly wind are expected Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning should actually be pretty mild, with most of Lower Michigan in the 1950s.

low sun

Low temperature forecast for Sunday, November 15, 2020

The same deceptive look is true for the high temperatures on Sunday. The high temperatures will likely occur in the morning.

sun peaks

High temperature forecast for Sunday November 15, 2020

wind gusts

Maximum wind gust forecast for Sunday November 15, 2020

Sunday will be windy. This shouldn’t be our classic 60 mph gusts for several hours, usually from a November windstorm. But each location should have gusts of at least 40 mph. Near the shores of the Great Lakes, particularly the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior Michigan, could have gusts of up to 50 mph. Winds will blow from the northwest when they are strongest on Sunday afternoon and evening.

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